Compassion Joy Dare: September

Ummm can someone pretty please tell me how we’re in October already..? But the end of another month means another opportunity to count some joys with Compassion Family!

Joy Dare buttonLet’s Talk Letters!

I received eight letters this month! I heard from Evis in Colombia, Irabizi in Rwanda, Janki in East India, Suresh Babu in India, two letters from Jose Luis in Mexico and I received my first letter from Jose in Colombia and Nika from Indonesia!

Photo Updates!

I received a wonderful photo update this month, from sweet Joyonto in Bangladesh! Here he is aged 5, and again at aged six and a half!


Let’s Celebrate – Birthdays!

My sweet girl, Nika from Indonesia, turned fourteen on September 12th! I’ve been told that my first letter from her in on the way, so I’m anxiously watching the postman right now! Happy Birthday, Nika!

Nika aged 13New Additions!

There were two new additions to my Compassion family this month!

Subhadra is fourteen years old and lives in East India!

Subhadra aged 14Subhadra lives with her parents. She enjoys group games, cycling, hide and seek, running, reading, art/drawing, listening to music, jump rope and storytelling! She helps around the house by running errands, cleaning, looking after animals and gathering firewood. She will turn fifteen this December and is currently studying in grade 10.

The next new addition is beautiful nine year old Pim from Thailand!

Pim aged 8Pim celebrates her birthday in January and lives with her parents. For fun, she enjoys cycling, reading and drawing and she helps at home by washing clothes, running errands and cleaning. She is currently studying in grade 3.

Mail Call Monday!

Well, it’s safe to say it’s been a while! But that’s not because I haven’t received any letters. Life gets busy sometimes! I graduated from college back in June and am now working two jobs, as well as volunteering at church and planning a trip to Kenya! I’m starting to feel a little more settled now, so I thought I’d give blogging another go :)

In August, I received an incredible fourteen letters, so I expected September to be a lot quieter, but I still received four great letters!

The first letter I received was from sweet five year old Evis from Colombia!

Evis aged 5In this letter, Evis introduces her family to me! I love these letters because they really help me feel connected to my child. I learned that Evis is an only child, but her mum is currently pregnant with twins! I’m sure Evis is going to make a wonderful big sister! She tells me that she loves spending time with her family because they have lots of fun together. She thanks me for the letters I send to her, and she tells me that she is praying for me and my family. She then tells me that she thanks God for my life! She sends me 1 Corinthians 2:9 and ends her letter with lots of blessing. She drew me a beautiful picture of some houses, a tree and some dogs.

I also received another letter from Colombia – this time a first letter from seven year old Jose!

Jose aged 5Jose completed the same template that Evis did, so I received some wonderful information about his family in his first letter to me! I learned that he loves with both of his parents and that he has an older sister who is 10 years old, and an older brother who is 9 years old. He also tells me that he is close to his family. He tells me that he enjoyed his vacation and he spent some time with his cousins. He says goodbye “with a big hug” and sends me Isaiah 58:11. He also drew me a house, and Jose’s drawing included two children playing football.

I also received a letter from my littlest Compassion child – three year old Irabizi from Rwanda!

Irabizi aged 2This letter was quite exciting, because it was Irabizi’s first form letter that wasn’t from the Child Survival Program – my baby’s growing up! He sent me the “my hobbies and pets” template. He tells me that his hobbies include drawing, playing football and riding a bike with his classmates. He has a pet pig and he likes taking photos with his pig. This letter included my first ever drawing from Irabizi! He drew me a house (although in some ways it looks like a pair of trousers!). The letter was written by Irabizi’s father, and he thanks me for my support and asks how I am doing. I am told in this letter that Irabizi’s home has been damaged, and I am waiting to hear more about this from Compassion, but in the meantime, I would ask you to join me in praying for this sweet family.

The final letter I received this week came from Mexico – from fifteen year old Jose Luis!

Jose Luis aged 14This is the second letter I’ve received from Jose Luis since I became his correspondent sponsor back in March! He says he hopes that God is blessing me with life and health. He tells me that he thinks prayer is something wonderful because we can talk to God about the things that worry us. He goes on to say that he used to talk back to his parents but then he heard a teaching in church about respect and now he is trying hard not to talk back to his parents! He also tells me that he is preparing to graduate from middle school! He sends me Song of Solomon 2:1 and draws me a cartoon flower.

I’m hoping that the next couple of months will bring in a few of the first letters I am waiting for (which is currently eight!). I’m anxious to get to know some of the new faces that I have been blessed with!

Compassion Joy Dare: August

I’m linking up with Jill over at Compassion Family to count my August blessings!

Joy Dare button

Let’s Talk Letters!

This month, I received fourteen letters! I heard from Adner and Evis in Colombia, Chelsea in Ghana, Dorcus in Kenya, Krisna (two letters!), Rendi and Nova in Indonesia, two from Elizabeth in the Dominican Republic, Joyonto in Bangladesh and Janki and Rahul in India. I also received my first letter from Soniya in India!

Photo Updates!

This month, my precious Joyonto from Bangladesh had a photo update! He’s definitely grown in height, and I hope that’s why he looks thinner in his new photograph – growth spurts have a lot to answer for! He is five years old in the photo on the left and six and a half in the photo on the right.


Let’s Celebrate – Birthdays!

My Compassion family has three birthdays in August! The first is my precious boy in Indonesia, Krisna! On August 19th, Krisna turned eleven years old! He was just eight when I sponsored him, and it’s been a joy to watch him grow!

Krisna aged 10

The second birthday I got to celebrate was Chelsea in Ghana! Chelsea turned sixteen on August 25th!

Chelsea aged 15

The final birthday I got to celebrate this month was handsome Adner in Colombia, who turned seventeen on August 28th!

Adner aged 16

New Additions!

I got to welcome a beautiful new young lady to my Compassion family this month – beautiful fourteen year old Alicia from Bolivia!

Alicia aged 12

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the teens in Bolivia, so I’m very excited to get to know this beautiful girl! Alicia lives with her parents and she celebrates her birthday on April 8th (which happens to be the day my parents celebrate their wedding anniversary!). She’s currently studying in grade 8 and her hobbies include group games, hide and seek, singing and playing ball games.

August, you’ve been wonderful. September, bring it on!

Eating for Kenya #7

I made it to the last day of my challenge to live on £1 for a week!

And let me tell you. It’s been a very long week.

Yesterday was the final day of my challenge, and it was definitely the hardest of them all. For the first time in my life, I was so hungry yesterday afternoon that all I could do was cry. I couldn’t have a conversation without bursting into tears, I couldn’t concentrate, I had no energy and all I wanted to do was sit and sleep. I think it also became more difficult because I knew how close to the end I was, but when you’re that hungry, 12 hours still seems a lifetime away.

Thankfully, I was able to keep busy yesterday because we moved Vicky back to university, so we were busy with helping her get settled in her new house, and then Mum and I were making cakes for the Church cake sale, so the day passed pretty quickly with only a few snappy moments of frustration and a few (okay…more than a few) tears.

But it’s now Sunday morning, and the challenge is over. My wonderful dad made me a bacon bagel and a mug of tea for breakfast, and even simple things like tea have never tasted so beautiful.

It’s one thing to think of poverty and hunger as a far off, “other-country” sort of thing, but this journey has also made me realise that there are people in our own communities, on our own streets, even sitting in our own churches, that have to go through this every day for real. My journey had a known start and end point, and I always had a way out, but for so many people here in our town, this is their real life, and that’s a lot harder to deal with than having to pretend to live off of £1 for a week.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported me over this last week – for sponsoring me, encouraging me and praying for me. But I want to put Kenya aside for a moment and again plead with you to put something extra in your shopping basket this week (and maybe next week, and maybe even the week after) and donate to your local foodbank to help support those people who are closest to us who have to do this day after day, week after week.

Thank you so much for following along with my little journey. It’s been challenging, but I’ve also been so blessed through it too.

Eating for Kenya #6

If I’m completely honest, I can’t really remember very much about Friday. Or about this week in general. I was really beginning to struggle with my energy and concentration levels on Friday, and I was beginning to feel the effects of not eating properly for nearly a week. The food that I have left doesn’t taste as nice as it did at the beginning of the week. This is mostly due to eating the same food every day for six days, but also because the cereals are starting to go dry and the potatoes and broccoli aren’t as fresh as they were at the beginning of the week.

To make this day a little harder, Mum and I started looking at the cakes we were going to be making for the Church cake sale, which made this journey even harder! There are so many things I want to eat right now! But, instead, here is my yummy dinner from Friday evening!


Eating for Kenya #5

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of photos on this blog post. Rest assured that the things I’m eating look {and taste} exactly identical to the photos from the previous days. Nothing exciting going on here.

If I’m honest, I’m running out of things to say about this challenge. Today was a struggle. I have a lot less energy than usual because I’m not eating as much food as usual, I feel snappy and grumpy and I’ve gone to bed hungry nearly every night this week.

I’m over-the-moon grateful that there are only two days to go on this challenge {it’s got to the point now that there’s a joke at home that I’m staying up until Midnight on Saturday just to have some proper food!}. I’m also over-the-moon grateful that this has been self-inflicted, if that’s even the right term. It’s definitely made me realise how hard it is to live off so little, and it’s opened my eyes not only to the millions of people worldwide who don’t have enough to eat, but also to those living on my street who face the same struggles every single day. I can’t imagine opening a kitchen cupboard and there being nothing in it – praise God it’s nothing I’ve ever had to face before. But because God has blessed me with the resources to be able to adequately feed myself, I should be part of the solution for those who are unable to feed themselves and their families.

Something to think about for the next couple of days.

Eating for Kenya #4

Lunchtime today marked the halfway point of my journey of living off £1 a day – only three and a half days left!

I could quite easily sit here and complain about the lack of {exciting} food and how difficult this is and how I don’t want to do this anymore, but I don’t really think that would achieve very much {even though it’s so tempting right now!}.

My meals are pretty much the same right now, because they have to work around food {and whilst I was at work today, the chef made some cheesy-bacony-chickeny goodness, which looked amazing!} so I thought I’d share a photo of my oh-so-exciting breakfast :)


One of the main struggles of this challenge is knowing that there are people here in the UK who live like this every day. I’ve been so blessed to raise this money to help me travel to Kenya, and I can’t believe that people have been so supportive. But I want to take another opportunity to ask that you would consider donating to your local food bank to help people living on our own streets put food on their tables for themselves and their families.

Eating for Kenya #3

Today marks day three of my Kenyan eating challenge. I can’t believe that this time tomorrow I would have just passed the halfway mark! This week seems to be dragging by. Work was particularly challenging today because I’m getting incredibly bored of the food I have available to me, and I get to make lunch at work. Today I went to work with my little box of chicken and tortilla, so it wasn’t fun watching everyone else make some delicious looking (and smelling!) lunches.


And for the record? This is probably my favourite thing for lunch (although I’m sure that will change again come Sunday!).

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s prayed for me during this journey, and for those who have donated. It’s so encouraging to know that there is a group of people behind me on this rather difficult journey. I’m really beginning to struggle with this challenge, and the idea of going to Kenya in just 85 days is just about the only thing keeping me going right now!


Eating for Kenya #2

Yesterday marked the second day of my eating challenge, and the food is already getting pretty boring. When I came downstairs yesterday morning, I could smell the bacon that dad had cooked for breakfast, and my small bowl of cheap cereal suddenly seemed less than appetizing.

Being at work was another struggle. We were really busy so I didn’t notice too much, and we didn’t have time to stop and eat until after the cafe had closed, but I was beginning to feel hungry (after only having a plain tortilla and the smallest amount of chicken you’ve ever seen!). I was ready to get home and have dinner.

Whilst everyone else was enjoying a roast-style dinner, I was eating this…


Let’s be honest for a minute.

I don’t like this challenge. I want “proper” food that doesn’t taste of cardboard. Forgive me for sounding so ungrateful for the food I have – this is challenging me in so many ways about being thankful for the wealth of food we have that’s so readily available here in the UK.

It’s also showing me more about what millions of people around the world face. For the first time ever, I went to bed hungry yesterday. It’s not only the food I’m eating that’s changed, but the amount I can eat. If I finish the food I have before Saturday, I don’t have any money left to buy more, so I’m really having to ration the food that I have available, which is another difficult lesson to learn.

As most of you know by this point, the idea behind this fundraiser is to help me raise money for my trip to Kenya in November, but today I would like to make another request of you. The next time you do your food shop, would you consider putting an extra item or two into your shopping trolley and donating it to your local food bank? You can find your local food bank by clicking here. I’m sure they would be so grateful as they fight to provide food for individuals and families here in the UK who are struggling to put food on the table.

Eating for Kenya {again}

Some of you may remember that I started a crazy journey of following the diet of one of my sponsored children in order to try and raise some money for my trip to Kenya in November. It’s been an incredibly difficult journey and it’s been a real challenge.

One of the things that we learned when I was studying at Bible College is that history is always written by the winners. You never near the losers of anything give away too much information, but you can rarely get the winners to be quiet. I guess the reason I’ve been so bad at updating everyone about my sponsored eating challenge is because I didn’t want to admit how hard I’ve been finding it.

As I now approach the final week of the forty days, this challenge has taken on a slightly different spin so I could announce it to my church. For the next week starting today, not only do I have to stick to the diet of a Kenyan person living in poverty, but I had to buy a week’s worth of food for just £7 (and for my American friends, that’s just over $11). Walking around the shop yesterday was a nightmare because I constantly had to make sure I wasn’t going over budget or buying the wrong food.

My shopping list for the last week of my challenge is this:

1 box of cereal

1 pack of tortilla wraps








Today marks my first day of this, and it’s already hard.

I had a wonderful opportunity to talk to my church about my trip, and I showed them this video, which tells the incredible story of a boy who lives in the Massai land and is a registered Compassion child. I took in my food and spoke to my lovely congregation about how I’ll be eating this week, and people from my church came forward and sponsored me, so I’ve raised another £250!

For a bit of fun, here’s my sister’s dinner {on the left} and mine {on the right}. I can’t help but feel a little hungry when I look at this picture!


For another bit of fun, we were looking at the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand at church this morning, and there were bowls of popcorn being passed around the church. Popcorn has never smelled so good!

I have just 87 days until I go to Kenya, and my last payment is due in on September 19th – just 25 days from now. I was feeling a little hopeless when I arrived at church this morning to find it to be a quiet morning, but God surprised me so much when I found out just how much money I had raised! All of a sudden, the next 25 days don’t seem quite so daunting anymore.