i’m going to india!

In February, as part of my degree, i’m hopefully traveling to India with Elim International Missions to work with a great charity called frishta, who work with orphans and railway children in Chandigarh, north India. i’ll be working there for five weeks from around the 3rd of February 2014 until around the 7th of March 2014.


I’m so excited! I’ve wanted to go on a mission trip for so long, and every time there’s a trip I’ve really considered, I’ve really felt God tell me that the time/place wasn’t right, so I’ve never had the opportunity to go. Things seem to be falling into place beautifully for this trip, so I’m really hopeful that I’ll get to go!

I’ve sent off all my paperwork and now Elim and Frishta are starting to take up the references. after this, i’ll have to have my DBS checks and a training day, then pay my fees, get visas and injections and then I’ll be off! so everything is still in the fairly early stages, but there are some things I’d really appreciate prayers for:

  • References. Can you pray that they get done quickly and that there aren’t any problems with getting them through? Can you also pray that the people giving me references would be really blessed. From what I’ve heard, these references can be pretty intense and time-consuming, so it would be really womderful if God would bless them for giving up their time to do all of the paperwork for me.
  • Vaccinations. I‘ve got my first doctors appointment for a chat about vaccinations on September 9th. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m petrified of needles. I always panic, and they always make me ill. Please pray that I’ll be calm when I get the injections, and that they would have no nasty side affects.
  • Finances. I don’t have a final total on how much this trip is going to cost yet, but there’s a few different things I need to pay for. Flights and accommodation/food etc is paid in one to Elim. I then need to find money for the DBS checks, the training day, visas, vaccinations, spending money etc – it soon adds up! Please pray that God would either provide the money or would provide me with inspiration for fundraisers and that I would be able to meet all of my costs in time for the trip.
  • That God would be present. I really feel that it’s God’s will that I go on this trip, and I’m really getting excited, but in my tiny little human mind, I can’t help but think that something’s going to go wrong and I won’t be able to go. can you pray that I would have peace about the trip and the excitement would be bigger than the fears.

I still can’t quite believe that in just over five months, I’m going to be on a plane to India! I’ve never been that far away from home before, let alone on my own, but I’m not nervous yet! I’ve read and re-read the website 100 times, and I really want it to be February already {mostly because that means that extended essays will be a thing of the past}. I so value your prayers at this time, and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling on this trip!

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