Some More India News!

My trip to India is beginning to edge closer now, and I think the reality of it is definitely starting to feel a lot more real now – there’s only 112 days to go! That’s not that many. Like, that’s really not that many.


(thanks again to the wonderful susanna-cole for allowing me to use your photos! you can see more photos here)

So, I went to the doctors to pay for my injections today. No biggie, except I now owe my parents a heap of money (I really need to start organising fundraising..!). While I was there, I asked the Nurse to explain to me again when I needed to book what appointments to have what injections. Ick. I have a huge issue with needles. I don’t like them, and they always make me poorly. Definitely not fun. She then decided to tell me that I could start my course of Hep B injections (three injections, once a month for three months) today. Talk about catching me off guard! My brain was screaming “Don’t you DARE have an injection today!” but before I could stop myself, she was giving me the injection. Idiot (me, not the nurse. My nurse is lovely). Since I’m one of only two people in my whole college that has lectures five days a week, I can’t really win with the whole “injections make me ill” business, because I don’t have a day where I can be ill. So I let her give me the injection anyway, so I didn’t really have time to stress about it (although stress about it I did…) and it was all over and I came home. And got a fever. And slept. And got the shivers. And a stinking headache. And I’m grumpy. Wonderful. I’m leaving for college in an hour, too.

Still, nothing’s going to be as bad as the end of January when I have to have FIVE INJECTIONS IN ONE MORNING. Excuse me while I freak out.


Let’s talk about something not so…icky.

I’ve been given a fundraising board at church! It’s not got anything on it right now, and it’s still stuck behind a table in the hallway but hey, progress is progress, right? I’m getting loads of photos/information/maps/an aeroplane to go on it, and it should be started on Thursday afternoon! Yay!

Also, I emailed college yesterday with my placement form, so they’re processing my request to go and I should have definite conformation within the next week or two! Another yay!

So, it’s now time for college and I’m still cold/shivery/grumpy, so I’m off to go and get over myself. Please please please keep praying for my injections and fundraisings, because they’re the two big things going on right now.


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