So. This Happened This Weekend.


Saturday marked 100 days until I leave for India! Eeeeek! Time is absolutely racing by, and I’m slowly getting through everything that needs to happen in preparation for my trip.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been making a notice board at my church to raise awareness of my trip to India and yesterdayI had the chance to stand up during the Sunday morning service and briefly speak about my trip. I’m so blessed that I go to a church that is willing to stand by me in my latest adventure. The support I’ve had on my first day has been absolutely out of this world. I received a very generous cheque today for £50, and a pledge from the Pastor for £100 if I eat a spoonful of very spicy curry (and let it be known: I hate spicy food. So this could be interesting..!).

My Fundraising Board!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s prayed/donated/supported me over the last couple of months. I really am so grateful! Now that the trip is only 98 days away, planning is starting to get a little more intense, so I have some extra things that I need prayer for.

  • My DBS check (which is like a CRB) is on its way to be processed! Please pray that my documents arrive to the right people in plenty of time and everything goes smoothly.
  • My visa is going to be more expensive than I thought. I’ve been completely blown away by God’s provision over this weekend, so I’m not too worried about it, but please pray that God would keep on providing the money and I’ll be able to apply for my visa sooner rather than later.
  • My injections – I’ve only had one injection so far, and I’m due to have my next one in mid-November. Please pray that God provides the finances for these and that I don’t have too many reactions.
  • My extended essay for college is due in this time next month. Please pray that I can get this done on top of trying to get everything planned ready for India.
  • Skyping the Studleys! Once my DBS check comes back, I get to skype with the missionaries that I’ll be working with in India, to confirm dates, chat about what I’ll be doing and generally getting to know each other/ask any questions about the trip! This is a pretty important step because I can’t confirm dates and book flights until we’ve had this meeting, which is all resting on my DBS check!
  • Patience. I would like to be in India right now please. But I have to wait 98 more days. Please pray that I use the time between now and then constructively (as in – get all my essays done!).
  • Those who have financially supported me. Without these wonderful people, I wouldn’t be going to India. Please pray that God would bless them so much for the gifts they have given me!

Thank you SO much for those who have been praying for me over the last couple of months, and to those who have let me talk everything out with them and get crazy over-excited. I really couldn’t manage this without you.


4 thoughts on “So. This Happened This Weekend.

  1. That’s so exciting to hear that God is providing!!! And I love the bulletin board at your church!! I know you’re dying to be in India already, but it’ll be here soon! 100 days isn’t that long at all 🙂

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