Curry Eating for India

A couple of Sundays ago (on November 10th), I was set the challenge to eat a spoonful of vindaloo curry in exchange for £100 for my trip to India. My pastor kept reminding me just how hot it would be. For those who don’t know, I really struggle with spicy food, and I really really really do not like curry, so this was kind of a big deal. But hey, £100 is £100 right?!

(Thank you to Tom for the photo!)


I was sat at the back of the church, and as soon as the curry came in after being heated, I could smell it (and it was revolting). I honestly think the only thing that got me to eat that curry (although it wasn’t that hot*) was the thought of holding those sweet kids in my arms. Because I’m telling you – time is FLYING by!

*The curry seriously wasn’t hot. It wasn’t until afterwards, when Dave was praying that I desperately needed to go and get a drink because my mouth was on FIRE. Slightly awkward.

So now, I’m £100 nearer my goal of getting to India. I really am in complete awe of how God is providing the finances for me to go. Out of the £800 I need to raise, He has already provided over £400 in the five weeks that my fundraising board has been up. How incredible is that! My injections are coming along a little too quickly for my liking, my DBS is paid for and being processed, and I can finally afford my visa. Wonderful 🙂 Which is good, because India 2014 is happening in 74 days!

(Oh, and I did get my own back on Dave for making me eat nasty curry, but more on that later!)


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