Another India Update!

My goodness, so much has happened since I last spoke about India. My DBS came back all clear, and I finally submitted my visa application! {I know. I like to cut things fine}. I woke up to a glorious email yesterday telling me that my visa had been approved, and it arrived this morning! This is so exciting, because this was what was holding everything up. When I got home this evening, I booked my flights! I’m officially going to India! 

Another exciting/India-is-getting-really-real-now thing that happened this week is that I finally finished all my vaccinations! I had my last {and probably most painful!} set of injections last Monday, and yesterday I had my last Cholera immunisation. Believe me when I say I am so glad that this part of the preparation is over! Thankfully, I didn’t really have any nasty side effects either {other than feeling sore and grumpy}.

A huge answer to prayer this week was that I had to be in Birmingham on Saturday for a training day to help prepare me for going to India, but because of all the rain England has had over the last couple of weeks, a large number of the trains have been cancelled or rerouted through London. My train ended up being cancelled, and I had bought non-refundable tickets. After lots of prayers, I managed to get a full refund on my tickets and a friend from church very kindly offered to drive me to and from Birmingham, so I could still make it to the training day!

Some prayer requests are

  1. Finances. God has provided in the most amazing ways for this trip, and I feel so blessed that so many people have stood with me for this trip. I’ve got a tiny bit more money to raise, so I’d be grateful if you could pray that God would provide the last few pounds for my trip!
  2. Health. My health has been really good {for a change!} leading up to this trip. Please pray that it would stay this way!
  3. Balancing college/work/final prep for India. I’ve got a busy couple of weeks leading up to actually traveling, so prayers that I manage to get everything done would be wonderful.
  4. That I would keep the main thing the main thing. At the end of the day, I’m not going on this trip to make myself feel good, or even because I have to go for college. I’m going because I want to show these children the love of Jesus, and I’m only going if Jesus goes with me.

It’s eighteen days until I leave, and it’s finally starting to feel real!


6 thoughts on “Another India Update!

  1. Hi my love,
    I hope your keeping well. You are doing a fantastic job out their. So proud of you. I can’t wait to here all your stories when you are back. We are all supporting you back home. We continue to think and pray for you. Keep being the superstar you are. Remember God is always with you and will always protect you. 🙂 Lots of love
    Sarah xxxxxxxxx

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