Thankful Thursday!

I’ve been reminded so much in Scripture over the last few days that we have so much to be thankful for. Since getting home from India and being back in a Western culture, I can really see that there is a desperate need for us to take time out of whatever we’re doing and genuinely think of all that we have to say thank you for; no matter how bad things may seem, God is still good, and He is still faithful. Today, I’m remembering 21 little faces of those who have lost so much, and these children are the reason behind me writing this today – because in spite of everything they’ve been through, they still take the time to say thank you.
So let’s say thank you.

  1. I’ve been reading through the book of Ecclesiastes over the last few days, and up to this point it had been a real struggle. However, I finally hit chapter seven this week and God spoke directly into the situation that I was in, and it brought a huge sense of peace into my heart. He is so faithful.
  2. Having a post-India catch up with a very special friend and sharing what God is doing in our lives.
  3. Getting ready to read through Isaiah with another very special friend. I’m so excited to discover all that God is going to say and do over the next few weeks as we work through this amazing book!
  4. Getting ready for Birthday fun! I keep joking with the kids in my Sunday School class that ‘m turning old on my next birthday, and they keep lovingly reassuring me that I’m not quite there yet.
  5. Being able to share about my trip to India with my wonderful Sunday School group!
  6. Spending a few days with my sister. Being signed off work with a fractured ankle does have its advantages.
  7. Being able to eat English food again.
  8. An amazing night’s sleep after a week of making friends with 3am.
  9. That big news that I couldn’t share for ages? I can share now – I’m going to be a Godmummy! 
  10. I have some other potentially exciting news that I’m not allowed to share yet too. But it’s big. And exciting. And your prayers would be wonderful!


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