Thankful Thursday!

This week, as I’ve taken more time out to think about India, and as I’ve started back for my FINAL EVER TERM AT COLLEGE, I’ve really noticed just how many different pressures are on my time, so I wanted to consciously take some time out this week to think about all that God has done in my week. So here are another ten things I’m thankful for!

  1. Falling in love with Scripture again. Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to read the Bible in 90 days. It’s been so hard, because I’m taking in huge chunks of scripture every day, but it feels so refreshing to really sit under the Word for more than just five minutes at a time. I’m learning some beautiful lessons!photo-1
  2. God’s faithfulness. I’ve been reminded of the verse where God promises that if we draw near to Him, then He will draw near to us (James 4:8). We don’t really need much else, do we?
  3. Being asked to help lead the girls’ discipleship group at church (which, by the way, is run by the most Jesus-loving ten year old girl I ever did meet. She’s amazing!) and having the opportunity to talk about India…again!
  4. Some beautiful new photographs of some beautiful Compassion children!
  5. Being able to praise God in the hallway.
  6. Having time to reflect on India and all that God taught me while I was there. Can I go back now, please..?IMG_3333
  7. Some warm, sunshiney weather (even though it didn’t last for very long!!).
  8. New opportunities and God-given direction!
  9. Being stalked by peace-breathing, life giving Bible verses. There’s nothing better than hearing God’s voice.
  10. 44 days until Valedictory! 🙂

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