Eating for Kenya {again}

Some of you may remember that I started a crazy journey of following the diet of one of my sponsored children in order to try and raise some money for my trip to Kenya in November. It’s been an incredibly difficult journey and it’s been a real challenge.

One of the things that we learned when I was studying at Bible College is that history is always written by the winners. You never near the losers of anything give away too much information, but you can rarely get the winners to be quiet. I guess the reason I’ve been so bad at updating everyone about my sponsored eating challenge is because I didn’t want to admit how hard I’ve been finding it.

As I now approach the final week of the forty days, this challenge has taken on a slightly different spin so I could announce it to my church. For the next week starting today, not only do I have to stick to the diet of a Kenyan person living in poverty, but I had to buy a week’s worth of food for just £7 (and for my American friends, that’s just over $11). Walking around the shop yesterday was a nightmare because I constantly had to make sure I wasn’t going over budget or buying the wrong food.

My shopping list for the last week of my challenge is this:

1 box of cereal

1 pack of tortilla wraps








Today marks my first day of this, and it’s already hard.

I had a wonderful opportunity to talk to my church about my trip, and I showed them this video, which tells the incredible story of a boy who lives in the Massai land and is a registered Compassion child. I took in my food and spoke to my lovely congregation about how I’ll be eating this week, and people from my church came forward and sponsored me, so I’ve raised another £250!

For a bit of fun, here’s my sister’s dinner {on the left} and mine {on the right}. I can’t help but feel a little hungry when I look at this picture!


For another bit of fun, we were looking at the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand at church this morning, and there were bowls of popcorn being passed around the church. Popcorn has never smelled so good!

I have just 87 days until I go to Kenya, and my last payment is due in on September 19th – just 25 days from now. I was feeling a little hopeless when I arrived at church this morning to find it to be a quiet morning, but God surprised me so much when I found out just how much money I had raised! All of a sudden, the next 25 days don’t seem quite so daunting anymore.


5 thoughts on “Eating for Kenya {again}

  1. Thanks for sharing more of your adventures with us!! What an encouragement Sunday!! I’ll br praying for God to raise the rest of your money soon!!

  2. What did you put all over your rice? Whatever it is, I recommend you take some with you to Kenya….it becomes very challenging to eat mounds of plain rice for every meal. It was hard to be grateful for the food after some time in Tanzania, but I just kept reminding myself that this was a FANCY meal for the kids….normally they only get rice for special occasions like Christmas and Easter. The food that I was taking for granted- and eventually dreading eating- was an exciting treat for them. I am continuing to pray for you!

    1. It’s just passata. I’ll make sure I stick some in my suitcase. I found the same when I went to India – it felt so special to be able to share food with the kids, but a plate of rice was definitely challenging to eat! Having rice for three days straight now is getting pretty boring.

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