Eating for Kenya #2

Yesterday marked the second day of my eating challenge, and the food is already getting pretty boring. When I came downstairs yesterday morning, I could smell the bacon that dad had cooked for breakfast, and my small bowl of cheap cereal suddenly seemed less than appetizing.

Being at work was another struggle. We were really busy so I didn’t notice too much, and we didn’t have time to stop and eat until after the cafe had closed, but I was beginning to feel hungry (after only having a plain tortilla and the smallest amount of chicken you’ve ever seen!). I was ready to get home and have dinner.

Whilst everyone else was enjoying a roast-style dinner, I was eating this…


Let’s be honest for a minute.

I don’t like this challenge. I want “proper” food that doesn’t taste of cardboard. Forgive me for sounding so ungrateful for the food I have – this is challenging me in so many ways about being thankful for the wealth of food we have that’s so readily available here in the UK.

It’s also showing me more about what millions of people around the world face. For the first time ever, I went to bed hungry yesterday. It’s not only the food I’m eating that’s changed, but the amount I can eat. If I finish the food I have before Saturday, I don’t have any money left to buy more, so I’m really having to ration the food that I have available, which is another difficult lesson to learn.

As most of you know by this point, the idea behind this fundraiser is to help me raise money for my trip to Kenya in November, but today I would like to make another request of you. The next time you do your food shop, would you consider putting an extra item or two into your shopping trolley and donating it to your local food bank? You can find your local food bank by clicking here. I’m sure they would be so grateful as they fight to provide food for individuals and families here in the UK who are struggling to put food on the table.


10 thoughts on “Eating for Kenya #2

  1. Well done Shelley. In a way, I think the challenge is more difficult for you because the contrast is right there in your kitchen. Your sponsored child won’t have the smell of bacon to wake up to in the mornings, or a roast on the table next to them at night. You’re doing great and I’m right behind you! Love that you’ve encouraged people to think about the hungry in their area when shopping too.

    1. Oh it’s hard. I work in a kitchen as well, so I’ve been surrounded by yummy food all day, and we get fed as part of our work, so turning down some really tasty food was a battle today!!
      Thanks for all of your encouragement, sweet friend. I really do appreciate it. I hope some people decide to donate to foodbank as well!

  2. You have the right idea about adding an extra item or two when grocery shopping….our grocery budget is so incredibly limited and I always try to at least add one thing for the food pantry at church when I’m shopping- even if that’s a packet of muffin mix or some spaghetti for a dollar. Keep up the good work! I am praying for you!

    1. That’s the thing I love about the food banks – it doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive to give. I’ve definitely been challenged to give more to our local one. And thanks for prayers!

  3. Hopefully this goes through, my last few comments on your blog haven’t so I’ve been giving up.
    I think I’d be okay with the bacon thing, I REALLY detest the taste of bacon haha!
    I’d love to try a challenge like this at some point, but not while I’m pregnant. My cravings for other things are too strong.
    I like your idea of the food bank, but if I spend any more on groceries right now, I’ll literally need to be the person eating from the foodbank. (And not because I’m eating a lot with pregnancy, I actually eat less than before since baby takes up so much room in my stomach lol, but because they’ve recently raised the price of groceries by a LOT and my other bills, and because I had sooo much sickness this pregnancy I’m only able to work 4hrs a week, so my own cupboards are getting a little bare.)

    1. It went through – yay! 🙂
      Bacon is one of my favourite things! So being around it cooking all day is challenging. I’ll be praying for you and your morning sickness – I really can’t imagine that would be too much fun!

      1. Yay! It worked! I actually like the smell of bacon a lot, but I can’t stand the taste haha. It’s weird really, because when people cook it, I’m like “that smells soooo good, but I sure wouldn’t want to eat it.” Same goes with coffee, love the smell, not the taste.

  4. I love your honesty! And how your heart is being sensitized to the needs of folks without much food or much variety… It reminds me of how much I take for granted.

    1. I really do feel challenged about this. Actually, right now I just feel tired and hungry and grumpy, so I’m really hoping that I’ll remember these feelings once I’m eating my normal food again, and I don’t forget about this experience!

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