Eating for Kenya #5

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of photos on this blog post. Rest assured that the things I’m eating look {and taste} exactly identical to the photos from the previous days. Nothing exciting going on here.

If I’m honest, I’m running out of things to say about this challenge. Today was a struggle. I have a lot less energy than usual because I’m not eating as much food as usual, I feel snappy and grumpy and I’ve gone to bed hungry nearly every night this week.

I’m over-the-moon grateful that there are only two days to go on this challenge {it’s got to the point now that there’s a joke at home that I’m staying up until Midnight on Saturday just to have some proper food!}. I’m also over-the-moon grateful that this has been self-inflicted, if that’s even the right term. It’s definitely made me realise how hard it is to live off so little, and it’s opened my eyes not only to the millions of people worldwide who don’t have enough to eat, but also to those living on my street who face the same struggles every single day. I can’t imagine opening a kitchen cupboard and there being nothing in it – praise God it’s nothing I’ve ever had to face before. But because God has blessed me with the resources to be able to adequately feed myself, I should be part of the solution for those who are unable to feed themselves and their families.

Something to think about for the next couple of days.

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