Eating for Kenya #6

If I’m completely honest, I can’t really remember very much about Friday. Or about this week in general. I was really beginning to struggle with my energy and concentration levels on Friday, and I was beginning to feel the effects of not eating properly for nearly a week. The food that I have left doesn’t taste as nice as it did at the beginning of the week. This is mostly due to eating the same food every day for six days, but also because the cereals are starting to go dry and the potatoes and broccoli aren’t as fresh as they were at the beginning of the week.

To make this day a little harder, Mum and I started looking at the cakes we were going to be making for the Church cake sale, which made this journey even harder! There are so many things I want to eat right now! But, instead, here is my yummy dinner from Friday evening!


One thought on “Eating for Kenya #6

  1. I don’t know how you were able to look at cakes while doing this!! I’m impressed. Good for you for sticking to your fast.

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