Stories from Kenya: Some Photos

I’ve been home from Kenya for a whole eleven days. In some ways, it feels like I only arrived home yesterday, and in other ways, it feels like I haven’t even gone yet. There’s still so much to process and think about, but I finally set aside some time today to go through the photographs that I took. There may not be many words here, but I’ll let these speak for themselves. For now, at least.


8 thoughts on “Stories from Kenya: Some Photos

  1. Wonderful Pictures Shelley. I came back from Kenya at the beginning of September after being there for 3 weeks and I am still reliving my time there. I visited the 4 children that I was sponsoring at the time (now 6) and spent time doing other things. Enjoyed worshipping with two different congregations and making new friends as well as meeting family for the first time. Loved my time there and feel ext blessed to have had the opportunity to go.

    1. It’s an amazing country, isn’t it?! I had no idea what to expect when I decided to go, but it was nothing like I’d imagined! I had such a beautiful day with my sponsored child there as well. Processing everything is proving to be extremely challenging though.

      1. Almost every day I still reflect on something from my trip. One thing I did shortly after I returned was to print out several copies of pictures from time spent with my kids and paying attention to having each child in different pictures and then sending them those pictures so each received 4-5 pictures of our time together.

    1. You know…the only time I believe that I really actually met her is when I look at these photographs. She’s such a kind, beautiful, humble young lady. I just can’t believe that God has put her in my care.

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