Stories from Kenya: Day Two – My Favourite Saturday

Let’s not even talk about how long ago my trip to Kenya was now. I remember when I came back from India, I had ALL OF THE WORDS ALL OF THE TIME. But for Kenya, I don’t. Today is the first time in months that I actually want to talk about it. That’s not because I didn’t love every single second I was there and I would actually like to go back tomorrow, please and thank you, but Kenya was so hard, and it was hard because it was so real.

I absolutely loved my Saturday in Kenya. There was so much energy in this little church, and the children were so delightful. I definitely think LOUD was a theme of this whole trip, which usually goes completely against everything this shy, introvert is. But let me tell you, I’d be there again in a heartbeat.

We watched these children sing and dance for what felt like hours (in the best possible way). One thing I love about travelling is being shown time and time again that the God that I know and love and serve and worship here in England is the same the whole world over. Hearing these children recite beautiful passages of scripture was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard.

P1020106The main thing I remember from this Saturday, is the sheer amount of fun we had. I loved the energy of these children (oh how I wish I had that much energy on a Saturday morning!). Two of the older girls from this project “borrowed” my camera for a while, so I have some incredible (and slightly random!) photos from my time at this project.

These two beautiful girls spent so much time with me that morning, and it was a joy to just be in their presence. The more I look at these photos, the more I see their God-given beauty and potential.

P1020169Later on in the day, we broke up into groups again to go on more home visits. I was able to spend some time at Wilfred’s home.

P1020205Wilfred is the young boy in the white shirt, and the young lady behind him is his mum. She was one of the most incredible women I’ve ever met. She had built the house that her and her family lived in, and she was one of the most generous, most humble women I’d ever met. All of us who visited her house left with a small gift of a piece of jewellery that she had made ready for our visit.

P1020208P1020212Something else that always sticks in my mind when I think of this day is the time I got to spend with beautiful Melanie. Melanie attends this Compassion centre, and she sat with me for over an hour showing me the records that Compassion has on her. It’s so encouraging to see that Compassion keeps meticulous records on every single child in their program, and it shows just how much the staff members care for every one of these children. I was able to see Melanie’s records right from when she was first registered in Compassion’s program when she was small, right through to now, at fifteen years old.

P1020189This was probably one of my favourite moments from my week in Kenya. Melanie shared with me her dreams for the future, and what she wants to do when she grows up. Through looking in her file, I was able to see exactly how Compassion are helping her to achieve these dreams, and how she is progressing.

This moment here brought me so much comfort because it reminded me that each one of my Compassion children is known, loved and cared for in this way. So often I wish I could spend just a day with any one of them, and this moment reminded me that even though I can’t be there with them, there is someone there with them who has taken the time to know them and their family, and who genuinely wants what is best for them.

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