Stories from Kenya: Day Three – Rest Day

For me, Sunday was a real pivotal moment in Kenya. We were approaching the halfway mark of our trip, and I was tired. It sounds awful, but I needed a break from the intensity of the trip, and this Sunday was everything I needed.

P1020238In the morning, we drove to a church that partners with Compassion, so we still had the incredible chance to see some of the Compassion-assisted children as they led us in worship, danced and recited scripture for us. The church also had a visiting speaker on this particular Sunday, and she gave a very powerful message. It was a privilige to sit under her teaching and worship at this church.

P1020242After church, we went for lunch (and I’m not going to lie..the only thing I can remember about lunch is drinking the most delicious strawberry lemonade I’ve ever tasted!) and then we headed off to the National Park for the afternoon. It was a wonderful day of rest, and it came at just the right time. There’s not really many words for this part, so I’ll leave you with some photos.

P1020266 P1020272 P1020275 P102028610941845_10152497755426557_567841446816102181_n

One thought on “Stories from Kenya: Day Three – Rest Day

  1. What incredible wildlife!! Thanks for sharing the photos. And I love how that time worked perfectly in the schedule for when you were feeling tired.

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