India 2014

On February 2nd, I left England and set of for Dera Bassi, north India to spend five weeks working with Frishta Children’s Village, which is a home for children who can no longer be looked after by their parents or relatives. Whilst at Frishta, they are provided with a home, a family, food, healthcare and access to education.


Being in India and working with the children in the village challenged me in ways I never thought possible, and definitely didn’t expect. I was reminded so often that God’s heart is so firmly with these children, and that His desire is to see us reach out to those who have nothing and noone, and fulfill this desperate need in their lives. I felt so blessed because God had allowed me to spend this time with Frishta, and I was reminded just how much I have to be thankful for.

I’ve had a heart for mission for such a long time now, and I’ve been so desperate to ‘go out into all the world’ (Mark 16:15), and I have experienced God close so many doors, but God orchestrated every tiny detail for this trip in a way that only He can. Looking back, it’s so clear to see that God’s hand was guiding me and protecting me the whole time I was there {especially after my traumatic arrival in India..!}

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